Educator Training

Heart, Mind & Soul Montessori Academy is proud to be a Montessori educator teaching center in Quebec

Aims of the Education Course (Early Childhood)

Our aim is to provide teacher candidates with opportunities and resources to gain the necessary knowledge and practical experience to pursue a career as authentic qualified Montessori teachers. The Institute is recognised for its high standards in Teacher Education. The demand for “Top class” Montessori teachers is continually growing. For the past 14 years in the Greater Toronto area, 94 % of our graduates have found employment in the many Montessori schools of the GTA and in Montreal in 2015, which sets a beautiful record for the Montréal territory.

The Montessori Diploma courses are designed to:

Keep Montessori philosophy and respect for the children and their needs central to its purpose;

Provide an in-depth study of the Montessori constructivist concept of education;

Provide an optimal preparation in the practical personalized ways in which this concept can be implemented effectively in early childhood;

Provide high quality education for future Montessori teachers using Montessori’s approach, materials and curriculum;

The Canadian Montessori Teacher Education Institute prepares motivated adults to become beautiful Montessori teachers for children aged 3 to 6.