About us


At HEART, MIND AND SOUL MONTESSORI ACADEMY, our mission is to serve the child in a loving, nurturing and stimulating environment. Hand in hand with the parent, we the staff, aspire towards excellence in the education and in the inner wellness of each individual child. A spirit of harmony, tolerance and respect for one another is part of our daily environment. Through freedom, the children`s natural greatness flourishes.

Dr. Maria Montessori`s Method is based on a specially prepared environment where the child is free to absorb what he finds within it. Due to the absorbent nature of the child`s mind from age 0 – 6 years, the prepared environment is essential for educational reasons and for the full development of the child. Within it, the child may find fascinating occupations and activities that impart a wealth of knowledge, “keys to the universe” as Dr. Montessori terms it.

With the basics firmly in place, it is our premise that the child not only CAN but also LOVES to learn. Learning through stimulating games and rich activities where there is fun and joy is the culmination of a proper environment that meets the child`s needs. The Montessori Method achieves this because it is especially designed to meet ALL of the child`s needs. It is an exciting way to serve the little child!